About Us

Ratnabali, founded in 1994 by Late Satyanarayan Somani along with his two sons Vikash Somani and Suresh Kumar Somani, is a proprietary investment firm based out of Kolkata, India. We are having significant investments in our chosen companies across a few selected sectors with a long-term horizon backed by strong research.


To create wealth with integrity and hard work and continue to be responsible towards society.


Meet Our Leaders

We're led by a strategically solid team that strive to unlock great potential.

  • Vikas Somani
    Vikash Somani MD
    Vikash Somani
    Suresh Somani
    Suresh Somani JMD
    Suresh Kumar Somani
  • Rakesh Pandiya
    Rakesh Pandiya President & CFO
    Rakesh Pandiya
    Pankaj Gupta
    Pankaj Gupta President-Investments
    Pankaj Gupta
  • Debanjan Neogi
    Debanjan Neogi GM Investments
    Debanjan Neogi
    Anup Agarwal
    Anup Agarwal GM Investments
    Anup Agarwal
    Abhinav Chandak
    Abhinav Chandak GM Investments
    Abhinav Chandak
  • Ashwini Damani
    Ashwini Damani GM Investments
    Ashwini Damani
    Bharat Jain
    Bharat Jain GM Investments
    Bharat Jain
    Nishant Shah
    Nishant Shah GM Projects
    Nishant Shah
  • Raunak Agarwal
    Raunak Agarwal GM Accounts
    Raunak Agarwal
    Amit Mishra
    Amit Mishra DGM Finance
    Amit Mishra
    Md. Sarim Arshad
    Md. Sarim Arshad DGM Legal and Secretarial
    Md. Sarim Arshad
  • Swati Hiroo
    Swati Hiroo DGM Investments
    Swati Hiroo
    Subhabrata Mitra
    Subhabrata Mitra DGM-Investments
    Subhabrata Mitra