Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of Ratnabali Group's business philosophy. Recognizing the role of education in economic and social development, we strive to make a positive contribution to society by undertaking the following initiatives:

  • Daycare

    Amrit Somani Memorial Centre (ASMC) is a private, non profit, intervention centre for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental delays. ASD is a neurodevelopment disorder which affects about ten million Indians. ASMC embodies Ratnabali's endeavours to work towards helping differently abled children cope up with their environment in better ways and reach their full potential by teaching them essential skills needed to live a more independent life. Equipped with a professional team and valuable resources, ASMC aims to address each child's educational, emotional and social needs to move every student up the development ladder.


    India Autism Centre (IAC) aspires to be the first of its kind development centre in the world for individuals with autism. To be spread over a 50 acres campus at Sirakole on Diamond Harbour Road near Kolkata, India, the centre will provide an environment to enhance the personal growth and development of such individuals. The centre will be equipped with the latest technology and resources to provide residential, day-care and vocational training facilities to its residents and visiting students.

  • Rewards And Grants

    The Amrit Somani Memorial Trust seeks to provide educational grants to students from economically disadvantaged families. The Trust's mission is to reward well deserving students who are unable to realise their full potential because of financial hardships.


    Realising the significance of health in determining an individual's quality of life, we have leveraged the values and principles inherent within the Group and aimed to make a positive impact in society by implementing initiatives in the area of healthcare such as :

  • Satyanarayan Somani Foundation

    The Satyanarayan Somani Foundation is our charitable initiative in honour of our founder. The foundation aims to provide medical assistance to those in need. It has also provided assistance to the under privileged to build houses in special circumstances, such as those affected by natural calamities or disasters.