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Objectives @ Ratnabali

Ratnabali is in the business of creating wealth through investments in securities while keeping the risk factors at reasonable levels.

We constantly endeavour to evaluate opportunities in the capital market for the benefit of all our stakeholders:

a) Members of Ratnabali
b) ASMC, India Autism Center and other
    Philanthropic Initiatives
c) Promoter Family

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Members @ Ratnabali

The relation of Ratnabali with its employees is more than the employer-employee concept and every employee is considered as a member. We are the organization of choice with very low attrition and are constantly looking for engaging passionate members who share our beliefs and culture of integrity, professionalism, hard work, fairness and empathy.

The following principles are followed at our company:

a) Complete alignment of interest with transparent and liberal performance linked incentive to all its deserving members.
b) Our endeavor is to place the right member for the right job and encourage them to enlarge their comfort zone continuously.
c) Meritocracy driven organization wherein deserving and passionate team members are empowered with superior authority and accountability
d) Emphasis on a Healthy Ratnabali - Physically and Mentally

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Investments @ Ratnabali

We believe in perpetuity and hence have robust systems and processes in place which every member adheres to.

We are amongst the largest professional investment team in Kolkata with 16 members.

Our Investment team is equipped with required experience and best available infrastructure to achieve superior results.

We believe in engaging and partnering with the best minds in the industry to have win-win relationships.

We are conscious of our duty to environment and governance standard and believe in making a positive contribution to society.